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Successful practices don’t just happen by accident. They are orchestrated. After more than 10 years of research, practice, and working with insurance brokers, Mike and Maria Keiser have created a step by step system to help you create the insurance practice of your dreams.

This book was written with you in mind. Its goal is to provide you with a comprehensive guide to creating a top performing insurance practice.

This isn’t a book on sales or management techniques, but rather a tool box to help you build a practice poised for success.

We have always held the philosophy of practice what you preach. Everything in this book has been practiced, proven and vetted. It isn’t just rehashed material in a new package. The insurance brokers we have worked with not only stay in business for the long term, they continuously see their practices grow and reap the rewards year after year.

What some folks have to say…

“The material is realistic, not reiterating the same old theories. The information was well produced and presented. Definitely of significant value.”

Carolyn O’Connell, Financial services

“Mike and Maria have taken their years of experience with entrepreneurs in general and financial service providers specifically and created a must read book for anyone starting out in the insurance business or anyone interested in becoming a peak performer. I’m buying another copy to loan out to my insurance industry clients.“

Steve M. Basche, Law Offices of Steven M Basche, LLC

Simple yet strong! Their book Your Practice by Design, gives you lots of resources that can help you become successful as an insurance broker, or a financial advisor.

Sia Dowlatshahi, Gateway Financial Partners

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