What’s A Business Coach Going to Tell Me That I Don’t Already Know?

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February 7, 2017
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What’s A Business Coach Going to Tell Me That I Don’t Already Know?

What’s A Business Coach Going to Tell Me That I Don’t Already Know?

“I already know what I need to do with my business.  I don’t need some coach to tell me”. “In fact, nobody knows my business better than me”.

“I don’t know what a business coach is going to tell me other than obvious things I already know”.

We’ve heard statements like this so many times I can’t even keep count. It’s most likely true that nobody knows your business better than you. A quality business coach would never claim to know all the answers as to how someone should conduct their business. It’s not our job or role to do that. Here’s where a good coach can help. If you already know what to do to get your business to perform better, why aren’t you doing it? We’re here to help you answer that question. I recall many years ago a business owner coming to me and saying “even though I already know what to do, why don’t I do it”? He knew that if he could find the answer to that, his business could really take off, which is exactly what happened.

If you already know what to do, why aren’t you already doing it? Great question, isn’t it?

  • Why aren’t you making all the money you want?
  • Why do you get stressed out on a regular basis?
  • Why do you procrastinate?
  • Why does your competition often perform better than you?

These are the questions a good business coach will help you get to the bottom of.

So if a coach isn’t going to tell me all the answers, what will they do?

  • A coach will help you discover the blind spots that are holding you back. Most of the time, the causes of our problems are invisible to us. A coach can help you identify the causes and brainstorm strategies to overcome them.
  • A coach will give you space to think out loud and get out of your own way. They’ll increase your capacity to perform by helping you clear the head trash and prioritize activities.
  • A good coach will tell you the hard truths. They won’t make you bad or wrong and they won’t make you feel stupid. But they will give you the unfiltered truth.
  • A coach will give you perspective. Sometimes we get entirely worked up over unimportant things. We allow too many pieces of head trash in and it can bog us down. A coach will help you see what’s important and what isn’t.
  • Help you build your business your way. A coach won’t tell you what tactics or strategies you should be using to grow. They’ll help you discover the best ones for you.
  • A coach will inspire you when you need it. They’ll help you stay focused and remember all the things you’ve done right in your business. They’ll help you bring out your best self. They’ll help you through your most challenging times while maintaining sight of your long-term goals and vision.
  • They’ll help you get rid of self-doubt. Self-doubt can creep up on all of us from time to time. A coach will help you work through it.
  • A good coach will help you evaluate and work through opportunities. They’ll help you make sure you have all the facts, the resources you need, and a plan to get it done.

A business coach is most definitely NOT there to tell you what to do or how you should run your business. They are there to help you perform at your highest level and get the most from your business.

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