Roundtable Groups

Roundtable Groups

Roundtables, otherwise known as peer advisory boards, are small groups of business owners, presidents, and CEO’s that meet on a monthly basis in a structured, confidential forum to discuss mutual issues and concerns they face in the running of their businesses. In other words, they become each other’s board of advisors.

They get to share in the wisdom, experience, and knowledge of one another to tackle their biggest business issues.

The Roundtables convene under the guidance of a trained facilitator and follow a defined process that is designed to produce measurable value for the participants.

What are the outcomes of being part of a Roundtable?

  • The ideas, clarity, and support that help you build your business your way
  • Strategic alliances
  • Fresh ideas regarding business challenges
  • Like minded people who share the common goals of growing their businesses and improving their skills
  • Fresh, unbiased insight
  • The power to stimulate you to think and do things you haven’t considered before
  • Access to expert resources – We have the strategic relationships with industry experts in every facet of business
  • Average of 30% annual growth
  • Removes the sense of isolation a business owner can feel
  • Increased self awareness and accountability to results

Who qualifies to participate in a Roundtable?

 You must be the owner, president, CEO, or Executive Director of a privately held business or nonprofit.

You must also have the drive, determination, and desire to grow and improve your organization and your skills as a business leader.

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Who should join a Roundtable?

  • A business leader who has been in business for at least 5 years
  • A Business leader who may be feeling slightly stuck or stagnant
  • A Business leader who feels like they are sometimes in their own way
  • A Business leader who is never totally satisfied with where their business is
  • A Business leader who wants to proactively work “on” their business
  • A Business leader who is willing, every day, to engage in the behaviors that will grow and improve their business
  • A Business leader who is open to new ideas

Membership to a Roundtable Group includes a monthly meeting with your group of Business Owners and one hour of one on one coaching.  The fee for this service is $375.00 per month (no long term commitment required)

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