Mark Powers

General Manager, Moveall.com

I would say the marketing is working. Our phone is ringing 10 times more than it was this time last year, and we are being hired for bigger jobs.

Annie Bobbitt

Owner, Maid Brigade of Northern CT

"I have been working with Maria and Mike for more than 2 years now and their professionalism and the support that they have provided me as a business owner have really been exceptional. I have received invaluable support from them in the Business Coaching arena. They have helped me successfully work through many company organizational issues and also coach my office staff which is really helping them while at the same time helping me. I have also used them for all my Social Marketing since early 2017 and they have DOUBLED my prospects at a very reasonable price. Give Entrepreneur Circle a call today, they are terrific !"

Ronald Lumpkin

Owner, Beacon Cleaning Services, LLC

“The Entrepreneur Circle has helped me laser in on my goals, focus on where I want to go and not get distracted by all the “stuff” around me. As a result my productivity has increased by 60 – 70%, and I have a group of people to hold me accountable to being successful.”

David L. Cowan

Owner, Legacy Retirement Group, LLC

“Before I invest in a product or service, I think about my average commission. If it will help me get one new client, it will have paid for itself. Between, helping create more efficient ways of doing things, and helping me streamline my sales approach, E Circle has paid for itself many times over.”

Yvonne Bruno

Owner, Bruno & Associates LLC

“As a solopreneur you often feel isolated, you can’t talk to your clients, or your employees. The E Circle provides me sanity, someplace to run things by people, get direction, prioritize what I need to do, and pushes me to accomplish what needs to be done.”

Anton Reed

Managing Principal, Adion Financial Group

“I can’t talk to other people about business. My friends have regular jobs. The group, and one on one sessions made me feel less alone, and helped me understand the reality of being in business. I am surrounded by quality people, and I don’t have to recreate the wheel. I’ve experienced 40 – 50% growth each year.”

Terry Kaufmann

Principal, Rockhouse Capital

“I am constantly evaluating where I spend my money. The E Circle is Worth every penny that I have spent. I am far better off than I was before I started.”

John T. Sheerin

The Senior Source

“The E Circle helped me focus on my strengths; as a result I increased my revenues by $300k in less than a year.”

Parker Elmore

Primoris Benefit Advisors

We've seen annual revenues grow by 300%, profits by nearly 400% and have developed new distribution channels that should allow our growth to continue in the years to come.

Armen Abrahamian

Long Term Care Insurance, LLC

I joined The E Circle because I was looking for mentors to help me fine tune my business and take it to the next level. What I found was that I joined an organization that not only assisted me with my business but provided me a community of people where I have developed strong bonds. Maria and my group allowed me to identify and work to my strengths and removed the feeling that I needed to live up to a mythical business ideal. I am getting everything I could have hoped for, but I stay because E Circle provides me so much more.

Greg Guay

Principal Stellar Ventures LLC

It has provided me a forum of bright individuals where I can discuss issues, ideas, and strategy. I would not be able to get this anywhere else. In the past 12 months, net of membership fees, my net worth is at least $125,000 higher as a direct result of being a new member.

Carolyn O’Connell

Gateway Financial Partners

I had an opportunity to join a peer advisory board of women and have found the experience to be more beneficial than I had ever imagined. I found my peers to be instrumental in my entrepreneurial journey and look forward to our meetings and the occasional get together as they have become very important people to my life. They are my trusted peers, solution resources and friends. I would recommend to any female entrepreneur to recognize the value others can bring to your success.

Steve Bugg

Insurance Marketing Group

My sales are up 80% and my profit is up 150%. This has really helped me focus on what is important for the growth and prosperity of my business. It keeps me on track.

Bill McCloskey

Stateline Senior Services

I have dramatically increased my productivity and net profits. It's the best business decision I ever made. I strongly encourage any business person to make this commitment.