How one client grows 27% per year by simply eliminating the unacceptable business growth
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March 20, 2017
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How one client grows 27% per year by simply eliminating the unacceptable

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How one client grows 27% per year by simply eliminating the unacceptable

This next idea sounds so obvious but it’s something that people have a real challenge with.  Let me explain…We’ve had a number of clients over the years that voiced their displeasure that they were being pulled in a million different directions. There’s always fires to put out, employee issues, deadlines, client challenges, etc.  One particular client was suffering from this sense of helplessness of being yanked all over the place.  He was barely staying afloat and growth was stagnant.

Working with us, he created a strategy that has worked very well.  It has truly changed his business life.  We call it “the elimination of the unacceptable”.  It’s really tough to do but once implemented, this strategy will provide you a strong sense of relief and productivity.  Anything in your life or business that is unacceptable needs to be eliminated.  Whether it’s a toxic employee, toxic clients, bad habits, bad products, useless relationships, you name it.  It’s amazing how many unacceptable things we allow to accumulate in our businesses.

The unacceptable doesn’t necessarily mean bad or wrong.  It simply means anything that does not clearly fit into your vision or goals.

It sounds so simple.  But for various reasons, we often fail to act.  It could be emotional reasons, hurt feelings, routine, overwhelm.  But when you start to truly consider this concept, you’ll find that the unacceptable things are likely taking up much more of your time and energy than they deserve.

How do you identify the unacceptable?

  • Look closely at all your relationships.  Are there any that are a total energy drain?  Are there people that take up a lot more of your time than is necessary?  Are there people that you can’t rely on to do what they say they’ll do?
  • Look closely at the performance, attitude, and body language of your employees.  Are they all working up to standards?  Are there any toxic personalities n your company?
  • Look closely at your own behaviors.  Are you as productive as you need to be?  How’s your attitude?  Are you clear about where your business is headed?
  • Look closely at your customers.  Are there any that take up a huge amount of your time? Are there customers that are not profitable?  Are there customers that are too difficult to deal with

Look closely at your life and business.  You’ll find that there are probably a lot of unacceptable things that have just become part of your life.  When you eliminate them, you’ll see your level of productivity skyrocket.


  1. Don’t forget to look at your processes. They may be so ineffective that they cause all of the above.

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