What’s A Business Coach Going to Tell Me That I Don’t Already Know?

A good coach will

  1. Help you discover the blind spots that are holding you back.
  2. Give you space to think out loud and get out of your own way
  3. Give you perspective
  4. Help you build your business your way  Read More
How much does it cost to hire a business coach?

It depends on what you want, how much you need from the coach, and how much experience they have. You can expect to pay anywhere from $500 – $30,000 annually.

  • If you are looking for Practicality, something in between, and can finance. You will probably pay $150 – $700 a month
  • If you are looking for the basics at a limited budget. $50 – $125 per month

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A business coach isn't a guru, they exist to hold you accountable.

I Think Most Business Coaches Are Full of Hot Air!

A critical component of business coaching is accountability. A business coach is not a consultant. They will not do the work for you in your business. They are there to keep you focused on the end result and remind you why it is important. They will motivate you to keep your commitments. They will act as a sounding board and when needed hold a mirror in front of you, highlighting your business and personal blind spots.  Read More

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The Truth About Goal Setting

The right goals can definitely drive productive behavior and increase business performance.  The big question, though, is when to use goal setting, how often, and in what circumstances.

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Eliminate the unacceptable distractions in your business, the entrepreneur circle, mike and maria keiser,
How one client grows 27% per year by simply eliminating the unacceptable

The unacceptable in your business?

  1. Look at your relationships. Are there any that are a total energy drain?
  2. Look at the performance, attitude, and body language of your employees
  3. Look at your own behaviors
  4. Look at your customers

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Insurance agency owner generate $170,000 in one month using a very simple idea

Sometimes a great business growth idea doesn’t have to be complicated.  It just has to be effective.  What are some simple solutions for your business?
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Top 10 Characteristics of Peak Performers

Top 10 Characteristics of Peak Performers

  1. Clear vision, meaning, and purpose
  2. Continually assesses performance, measures progress, and works toward constant improvement
  3. Always works toward strengths and talents

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When Your Intuition Can Lead you Astray?

The truth of the matter is that your intuition will almost never fail you. But I need to add that, under certain circumstances and without understanding our emotions and belief systems, it is possible for your intuition to lead you astray.
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How we helped a Business Owner consistently grow 25% per year in a flat market…

How we helped a Business Owner consistently grow 25% per year in a flat market… Several years ago, when the market was going through an amazing amount of flux and financial advisors were going through one of the most challenging times in decades, we helped a client grow his business 25% per year every year in a flat market.    Read More

Why We Don’t do

What is it with us entrepreneurs? Why do we act so contrary to our long term well-being and so often? Why, when there are so many good reasons to change, do Read More

Networking Doesn’t Work

Networking Doesn’t Work Networking is the conduit that leads to relationships.  Strong relationships are the basis of our business and personal growth.  Unfortunately, networking has become […]Read More