Business owner grows company by more than 25% per year and cut work week to 4 days

Why would I need your help? I already know what to do. I just need to execute.
March 10, 2017 business growth
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March 20, 2017

Business owner grows company by more than 25% per year and cut work week to 4 days

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Here’s how we helped one business owner grow their company by more than 25% per year while cutting their work week to 4 days.

We have a long time client who was feeling frustrated at the amount of hours he was working.  His business is very successful.  However, family time and volunteer time are very important to him and neither his family or volunteer work were getting enough of his attention. Working together, we created a plan that has worked extremely well for him.

Here goes…

Instead of looking at the week as “Monday – Friday” “ 5 days a week”, he now considers the week as a whole.  It’s 7 days, not 5 days then the weekend.  Other than sleep, he has broken his time down into 3 categories:

  •  Production time – Activities that generate revenue, grow the business, improve services or products, marketing, anything that is proactively moving the company forward
  • Logistical time – Activities that keep the operation running, such as, paperwork, bills, accounting, management and HR tasks, etc
  • Mental Health time – This is family time, volunteer time, free time, skill building, rejuvenation time

He then, over time, figured out how much times was needed for each category.  This took several months to understand completely.

He schedules everything into one of those 3 categories and sticks to his schedule mercilessly.  He truly never lets one interfere with the other.  He says he likes to work each week like he’s going on vacation.

It took him close to a year to perfect.  But now it runs like a well oiled machine.  His business continues to grow and he works 3 ½ – 4 days per week.

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