“The Entrepreneur Circle has helped me laser in on my goals, focus on where I want to go and not get distracted by all the “stuff” around me. As a result my productivity has increased by 60 – 70%, and I have a group of people to hold me accountable to being successful.”

Ronald Lumpkin,  Owner, Beacon Cleaning Services, LLC

I have dramatically increased my productivity and net profits. It's the best business decision I ever made. I strongly encourage any business person to make this commitment. 

Bill McCloskey, Principal Stateline Senior Services

“I am constantly evaluating where I spend my money. The E Circle is Worth every penny that I have spent. I am far better off than I was before I started.”   

Terry Kaufmann  Principal, Rockhouse Capital

“I would say the marketing is working. Our phone is ringing 10 times more than it was this time last year, and we are being hired for bigger jobs”

Mark Powers, General Manager, Moveall.com

E Circle allows me to verbalize the stuff in my head, and provides me a forum  for others to listen to the things I am working on, and generate new ideas.  This not only keeps me accountable, but helps me figure out the things I should or should not act on.  As a result I have generated significantly more $ than I have invested.  

Joel Steinman; Franchise Owner Minuteman Press

“The E Circle helped me focus on my strengths, as a result I increased my revenues by $300k in less than a year.”

John Sheerin, Owner The Senior Source

If it weren’t for The E Circle I wouldn't have focused on developing the cross-training and procedures my company needed to provide continuity in the event of sudden staff changes, unexpected death or failing health of the principle, or a disaster. My company is better prepared to handle the unexpected now as a result of E-Circle's Business Analysis. 

Michael Lauretano, President Lauretano Sign Group

The Entrepreneur Circle is a marketing, coaching, and consulting firm, that helps Business Owners:

  • Create and execute on their marketing strategy
  • Get out of their own way
  • Execute on their goals
  • Grow their business
  • Acquire new customers
  • And, overcome challenges

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We look forward to helping you create your Business by design for your brighter future.

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