The Entrepreneur Circle

Roundtables, otherwise known as peer advisory boards, are small groups of Business Owners that meet on a monthly basis (Live or Virtually) in a structured, confidential forum to discuss mutual issues and concerns they face in the running of their businesses.

They get to share in the wisdom, experience, and knowledge of one another to tackle their biggest business issues.

The Roundtables convene under the guidance of a trained facilitator and follow a defined process that is designed to produce measurable value for the participants.

Here is what our members enjoy:

  • Average of 35% annual growth
  • Access to training, mentoring, and coaching
  • The opportunity to reach their full potential
  • Strategic alliances
  • Focus, clarity, and vision
  • Collegiality
  • Education
  • Fresh ideas regarding business challenges
  • Like minded people who share the common goal of growing their businesses and improving their skills
  • Business building ideas
  • New insight
  • The power to stimulate you to think and do things you haven't considered before
  • Access to resources – We can find anyone that can solve your specific business issues.
  • The most affective and results oriented network of pre-screened entrepreneurs that you will ever be involved with

Who qualifies for membership?

We work with individuals who have the drive, determination, and resilience to be the best that they can be. We're not for everyone.

Who should work with us?

  • A Business Owner who has been in business at least five years.
  • Must have a Financially stable business.
  • A Business Owner who has decided to proactively work "on" their business.
  • A Business Owner who is determined to be their best.
  • A Business Owner who sees themselves as 100% responsible for their outcomes.
  • A Business Owner who is willing, every day, to engage in the behaviors that create peak performance.