New Client Acquisition Strategy Course

Welcome to “7 Steps to a Better New Client Acquisition Strategy”.

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We’re glad that you’re excited to find out about a better, more efficient way to create a marketing plan that actually creates results.
In all the years we’ve been working business owners, the #1 topic that we’ve found people want to learn more about is attracting new customers (marketing).  It’s often a mystery to business owners.  Or, at the very least, it’s misunderstood.

This program has been put together from 13 years of experience helping business owners create a workable marketing plan.  What you’re going to learn in this course has worked for our clients and we’re sure it will work for you too.

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"My sales are up 80% and my profit is up 150%. This has really helped me focus on what is important for the growth and prosperity of my business. It keeps me on track." 

Steve Bugg, Insurance Marketing Group

The program comes in 4 parts.  It’s designed in such a way that you digest it a piece at a time.  When you’re done, you will have a much better understanding as to how to approach your marketing.  You’ll have a simple roadmap to follow that will take the guess work out of marketing.

In this easy to follow, easy to use program you’ll learn:

  • What marketing actually is
  • The real purpose of marketing
  • Clearly defining your products and best customers
  • Creating a simple yet powerful message that gets your prospect’s attention
  • How to get your message to your best prospects and have them take action
  • How to create your marketing goals and monitor your progress

This program will not make you a master in marketing.  But it WILL provide you the road map you need before you start spending lots of money and time on marketing tactics.

For only $47.00, you’ll receive this 4 part program that will finally make sense of marketing.  We’ll remove the mystery and help you create a simple, practical plan as to how best get the attention of your target audience.

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"I have dramatically increased my productivity and net profits. It's the best business decision I ever made. I strongly encourage any business person to make this commitment."

Bill McCloskey, Stateline Senior Services