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Business owners aren’t always sure what an executive coach does or why they would want one. To put it simply, coaching is about developing the capabilities and improving the performance of the business owner and their key employees.

Our one on one coaching programs provide you a place to think out loud and reach higher levels of business performance.

Who is coaching right for?

  • Business owners who get the most out of coaching have a burning desire to learn and grow
  • A business owner who believes that there is something preventing them from peak performance
  • A business owner who is open to outside counsel
  • A business owner looking for real world solutions to business issues
  • A business owner who is willing to put in the time and effort to be better than their competitors

Who is coaching wrong for?

You never want to engage a coach to fix behavioral problems. Blamers, victims, bad attitudes, or people with iron clad belief systems are not likely to change.

What will a good coach help you do?

  • Help you prioritize what really matters and gain the clarity necessary to achieve more in your business
  • Expose blind spots
  • Challenge yourself and your beliefs
  • Put into place the actions, behaviors, and mindset that will lead to higher achievement

What are the outcomes of our coaching program?

  • Better decision making
  • Better time management
  • The execution of your vision with clarity and focus
  • Financial freedom
  • Increased productivity
  • The management of setbacks with less stress

Coaching is billed by the hour.  One hour business coaching costs $175.00.  Typically clients like to meet for 2 hours a month. (no long term commitment required).

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