About Us

About Us

Mike and Maria Keiser have worked very hard over the past 15 years to create an organization where you, the business owner, will find real world answers and solutions to your most pressing problems. It isn’t theory or “fluff”. When you work with The E Circle, whether it’s in a Roundtable group, one on one coaching, or other services, you’ll get usable, practical ideas and solutions that you can apply to your business immediately.

And if it’s a big project you have in your business, The E Circle can help manage and execute it.

These are real questions people come to us with:

There are a few reasons our clients grow.

  • The ideas you will hear in your Roundtable group
  • The ideas you will hear in your one on one coaching sessions
  • The increased capacity because of the coaching sessions
  • We help you execute on your plans and stay accountable to achieving the results you desire

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This is such a common question. We don’t really coach “knowledge”. We’re not telling you what to do.  As one client put it,“we help you clear all the crap out of your head, which gives you more mental capacity to grow your business”. Coaching also helps you build your business your way.  We just help facilitate that process for you.

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There’s a lot more questions we get about what we do. Way too many to discuss here. What you really need to know is that we’ve created services and programs that fit comfortably into your life and business. When you work with us you will grow your business, operate more efficiently, manage better, and enjoy your business more.

Michael and Maria Keiser are the co-owners The Entrepreneur Circle, LLC , and authors of the number 1 Best Seller Your Practice by Design.

The Entrepreneur Circle provides a confidential forum for business owners to find solutions to their most pressing issues, which in turn provides them the capacity to execute their plans.

In a nutshell they’ve spent the last 15 years understanding what gets in the way of businesses performing at a high level and helping them break through those barriers.

The Keisers have been business owners since 1997 and use their business knowledge and experience to assist their clients uncomplicate business, so they can execute their goals, have more money & feel less stress

Prior to The Entrepreneur Circle, Maria was the COO for American Mobile Scan, a company that provided on-site bone density testing, and General Manager/ Event Coordinator for All-in-One.

In 2007 Maria was recognized as a 40 Under Forty by The Hartford Business Journal.  Maria’s hobbies include tap dancing and reading.

Prior to The Entrepreneur Circle, Mike was the Founder and President of American Mobile Scan, a company that provided on-site bone density testing to physicians and hospitals.

Mike is a combat veteran of the Gulf War, where he served with a forward surgical team in Iraq.

Mike is also a life long drummer and fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

They live in Manchester, CT with their two children.


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